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COVID Information

We have vaccinated over 40 000 patients across our PCN.

As of mid-July 2022, we have entered a Summer Vaccination Hibernation. We will not be vaccinating until the Autumn Booster Season. More information on this will follow within the coming weeks and we will be in touch with our eligible patients when necessary.

Latest Cohort

We ahave focussing on our housebound patients who match eligibility criteria for their Spring Booster dose. As of June 2022, we have vaccinated all our care-home patients with this dose. From our hibernation, these patients will be referred to the CPFT team through our Covid-19 Vaccination Team.

Eligibility Letters

If you need a letter from your GP stating your eligibility for a Spring Booster or Third Primary Dose, please contact the practice. Our Covid-19 Vaccination Lead is happy to assist with this.

Covid-19 Vaccination Queries

If you have any queries regarding your Covid-19 vaccinations, please feel free to contact the practice. Our admin or reception team will put you in touch with our Covid-19 Vaccination Lead who is always happy to help.

Eligibility Guidance 

Everyone over 5 years old can obtain at least two primary doses. All over 16s are eligible for a Booster vaccination. If you were immunosuppressed at the time of your primary doses, you are eligible for a third primary dose and a booster. Patients over 75 and immunosuppressed patients may obtain a second, Spring booster.


Thank you to our wonderful staff and patients for your continued support throughout our Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.