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How to request a call back from our telephone system

How to request a call back from our telephone system

We have picked up feedback that some of our patients have not received a call back from our telephone system.

There is a two stage process to request a call back and we have found that many patients have been hanging up after only the first stage.  The request a call back:

  • Press 1 to select the call back function when prompted.
  • Press 1 again when prompted to confirm if you would like your call back on the number you are currently calling from (you can change the number by pressing 2 and entering a different number).
  • Our telephone system will play a message to you to confirm that when your call back has been booked and that you can now hang up.  If you hang up before you hear this message, your call back request has not been accepted and will not be processed.

Our telephone position will maintain your position in the queue and will call you back when your call is the next to be answered.  If you phone back before you receive your call back, the system will automatically cancel your call back request.

If you are on another call, using certain functions on your smartphone (a video call, for example) or out of signal, our telephone system may not be able to connect with you when it returns your call.  Please keep your line free and your phone in signal so that you can receive the call as our system is only able to call you once.