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Interim changes to same day appointment requests

Interim changes to same day appointment requests

Primary Care remains exceptionally busy at the moment and we are continuing to experience high levels of demand for all our services.   We are also operating with a reduced clinical team at the moment, and this is affecting the number of appointments we can offer and how quickly we can respond to some of your requests.

We are working hard to provide as much capacity as we can and we are recruiting new colleagues to join our team.

In the meantime, we need to ask for your support.  Before contacting us to request a same day appointment, please consider accessing the following:-

  • 111 NHS 111 is a great resource and is available both by telephone and online at NHS 111 can help find solutions for known medical problems, queries with medication and with many minor illnesses and conditions.  Information about your contacts will be sent to us, so that we can add them to your medical record.
  • What 0-18 NHS – What 0-18 NHS is a superb resource for guidance and support for families with children up to age of 18. It’s packed with helpful information and tips to manage concerns and identify any conditions that need more urgent support.  You can access it at
  • NHS App – You can also access help and support through the NHS App as well as book appointments and order your repeat prescriptions.
  • Your Local Pharmacy – Your local pharmacy can also help with medication you can buy over the counter for lots of minor conditions and is often cheaper than an NHS prescription charge!
  • 119 – You can call 119 if you have questions or need help with COVID-19 vaccinations. Testing or the NHS COVID Pass.

Over the next few weeks, our same day appointments will be limited to more urgent requests.  We will be working to a protocol developed by our GP Team and may ask you to contact one of the services above.  We will operate a separate call back list for the morning and for the afternoon and when the list is full we may ask you to call back or to access a different service.

For real life-threatening emergencies such as those below, please contact 999 immediately:-

  • Chest pain (suspected heat attack)
  • Suspected stroke
  • Suspected meningitis
  • Anaphylactic shock (severe allergy)
  • Heavy bleeding or deep lacerations
  • Fluctuating levels of consciousness of completely unconscious
  • Difficulty breathing or stopped breathing with a change in colour
  • New seizure, fit or uncontrollable shaking

For immediately serious conditions such as the following, please go to the Emergency Department (A&E) immediately:-

  • A fever and lethargic (Drowsy) child
  • A feverish and floppy (unresponsive) infant
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sudden, severe abdominal pain
  • Accidental or intentional overdose of medication
  • Trauma (including falls) and possible broken bones or after a road traffic accident.

Our routine GP, Nursing and Healthcare Assistant appointments are not affected by these changes and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.


Keep safe and healthy,


Grove Medical Practice