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October 2023 newsletter

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Patient NewsletterOctober 2023 


Sharing our Friends & Family Test Feedback  

To support the recent changes to our appointment system, we made a number of changes to the way we collect Friends & Family Test feedback.  We now request feedback at different stages of the patient journey, including when patients submit requests through our online portal, after they have had an appointment with us, or at any time via our website. 

The number of completed surveys that we have been receiving has increased considerably!  In June 2023 we received 65 surveys, in July 2023 we received 1068 surveys! 

Our feedback for July 2023 was 84.63% positive (Good or Very Good) this increased to 86.19 % positive in August 2023 and again to 87.82% positive in September 2023.

Improving our practice website  

Work is underway across the NHS to improve the use of practice websites by patients.  Practice websites are a great way to inform and update patients of the types of services offered by a practice and any changes that have taken place. 

Some the key initiatives that the NHS has been looking at are:- 

  • Ensuring current, easy to follow information 
  • Providing FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and guidance on how best to use and access practice services 
  • Links to other health information or guidance that might benefit patients  

We have been working with our patient group to identify changes and improvements that we can make to our practice and will be implementing the changes they have suggested. 


A few updates on the recent changes to our appointment system  

In our last newsletter, we looked at some of the changes we were making to our appointment system.  As part of these changes we have been looking at different information sources to see what impact they have had.  Our initial data analysis has identified that:- 

  • The increase in submissions via our KLINIK portal has been matched by a reduction in the number telephone calls we receive/ 
  • We now experience periods in the day when the number of calls waiting is less than 5 and can be zero.  This is more so in the afternoon.  There is no limit on the volume of incoming calls so the volume received cannot be restricted. 
  • We were one of the first practices locally to offer the free call back system that is now required by the NHS. 
  • The average ring time per call has reduced from 11mins before the changes to the appointment system to 4mins. 
  • Use of the call back function has reduced from 57% of incoming calls to 31% of incoming calls. 
  • The average talk time per call has reduced slightly (the time it takes to process each call. 
  • The maximum average waiting time (average of the longest waits recorded in the telephone system has reduced by 54%. 

Please share your feedback by completing the survey at the end of your online appointment request submission or by completing the Friends & Family Test survey on our website.  Here’s a link to where you can find it:- 


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