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Children’s Health

The practice is fully committed to the immunisation of infants and children as a protection against disease.

Childhood Immunisations are carried out by the nursing team and you will be notified by letter when these are due.

If your child is unwell or you are unable to attend for any reason please contact the surgery to re-arrange the appointment.

Women’s Health and Family Planning

The surgery offers cervical screening and encourages all eligible patients to attend regular screening.

Fully confidential contraceptive advice including the morning after pill is available from your Doctor.

Please click here for further advice and information on Coils and Implants:

Pre coil advice              Informed consent for nexplanon            Coil Consent form       Post Coil Fitting Leaflet

Here is a link to a video about coil insertions: Video on coil insertions

Family Planning Services are also available through local clinics provided by Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust.


Travel Medicine 

Travel advice is available from our travel nurse.  To start this process, please complete the Travel Advice Form below:

Travel Form – GMP

It is important to plan your immunisations well in advance of your travel date in order to ensure that you are fully protected.  Please submit full details of your travel plans at least 12 weeks before you plan to travel.  This is so that you can be advised of any vaccinations you might need and that your vaccinations can be planned and given well in advance of your travel date to increase your level of protection.

We are able to give vaccinations covered by the NHS at the practice.

Some travel immunisations and malaria medications are not available on the NHS and you need to access and pay for these from a specialist travel clinic.

We regret that we are unable to process requests for travel immunisations made less than 8 weeks before your planned date of travel and recommend that you contact us at least 12 weeks in advance.  In these instances you will be advised to contact a specialist travel clinic.


Minor Injury service

As part of the broader range of services the practice offers we are providing a minor injury service to patients. This service is intended as an alternative to attendance at the hospital Accident and Emergency department for those injuries that are simply treated. Our nursing team will assess the injury and if possible provide treatment at the surgery, saving you a trip to Huntingdon. Attendance should be within 48 hours of the event which caused the injury. Ankle and other joint injuries, twists and sprains, cuts, bruises and removal of foreign bodies are a few examples of the injuries that we would expect to be able to treat.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 2nd June, 2023